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Quality eBooks Equals Fast Low Cost Information
Quality eBooks Equals Fast Low Cost Information
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Affiliate Marketing in a Nutshell:

What exactly is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is the single fastest growth industry on the Internet. It�s also true that affiliate marketing is one of the fastest and most creative ways to make money and have a career on the Internet.

Simply put, affiliate marketing is selling products on a commission.

Free information on affiliate marketing. Learn the ins and outs of the different areas making up affiliate marketing.
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  Reply Email Automator Software  

Software Title:

Reply Email Automator

Brief Description:

How would you like to cut the time you spend replying to the same tedious E-mailed questions, day after day by 1700%?

All of us that are into selling any type of product on the Internet spend a lot of our time trying to figure out the best ways to automate our websites into well oiled machines that do most of the work making money for us. But the fact of the matter is no matter how automated your site is, there is always going to be a large amount of E-mail to respond to!

It does not matter if you are selling a product that you ship to your customers or a downloadable product like software or an E-Book. Your site may take orders and deliver your product automatically but there will always be a certain amount of E-Mail that you will need to answer every day. The Good News is that about 95% of the questions that are asked are always the same ! You know what I mean.....

When can I expect to receive the order I placed on your website today ?

I lost the link to download the software product I bought from your website, can you re-send me the link?

I am interested in joining your affiliate program can you send me information on how I can join today ?

etc..... etc.... etc....


If you think about it, you are probably like most Internet Marketers in the fact that you on average receive the same 20 or so questions on each product that you sell. It's always the same questions asked, but by different people so your spending a big part of your day typing out the same responses over and over again.

You want to send each of your customers a personal response that's written in a professional error free manner.

I am sure you never do this, but there are people out there that can get so sick of answering the same E-mails over and over that they start typing quick one liners to answer the E-mail with as little effort as possible leaving a very un-professional, and un-caring look about their responses... This is a quick way to generate refunds and non repeat customers!

In order to be a successful advertiser on the Internet, you need an edge over the competition. Reply E-mail Automator is a feature-rich software that can type the responses to your repetitive information seeking, E-mail and support questions that you are receiving every single day. The busier your website gets the more E-mail like this you will receive! Let Reply E-mail Automator cut the time you spend responding to these E-mail's by 1700%. When you save that kind of time you can put it to use doing the things you love or spend it on making more money, not answering the same E-mail day after day.

- Reply E-mail Automator Can save you hours everyday by automating the tedious task of answering your E-mail

- Cut your response time by 1700%

- An E-mail that used to take 5 minutes to type can be done in 3 Seconds!

- Reply E-mail Automator can save an Unlimited number of responses

Reply E-mail Automator types your customer inquire response E-mail for you - Now you can use your valuable time for more important things like making money!

Your E-mail will always be 100% grammatically correct and error-free - Your customers will get professional answers to every question they send you, by automatically responding with pre-written responses to all of your E-mail.

Answer your technical support questions in a snap! - It's always the same tech questions you will get over and over so now you can answer them with ease and highly targeted technical answers in seconds not 10 minutes of thinking about your response! answers

Send your affiliate links and website URL's with ease. Reply E-mail Automator will remember them and type them for you into your E-mail, into your browser address bar, into web pages you are designing. Never spend time again trying to find just the right link to send your customer. Reply E-mail Automator remembers all of them and leaves them right at your finger tips.

Automatically type your signature line in your E-mails, message boards or chat rooms. This is a great way to promote your website!

Great for inserting your Name, Address, and Credit Card information into any web form on a website that you may be purchasing something from. - the fact is that Reply E-mail Automator can type just about anything you wish to save in it's data base, into any E-mail client, web form, or any other software or website that you wish it to. It can be a short as a few letters, or as long as 100 pages REA does not care, if you have saved it into the REA list of responses it will type it for you again and again!

Stop wasting your time with the same remedial tasks over and over, let Reply E-mail Automator go to work for you today !

How Does Reply E-mail Automator Work? You can save any response you wish into its database. If you have a certain E-mail support question you get that always requires the same 3 paragraph response, just save that response into REA's database along with a keyword that you will know equal's that response and Reply E-mail Automator will remember it.

When your ready to use this response just click on REA's icon in your taskbar down by your clock, or enter a hotkey combination that you choose and Reply E-mail Automator leaps to action. When it opens you select the keyword to the response you want to insert into your reply email either by a dropdown box, or typing the first few letters of the keyword into REA. When you see the response you wish to choose select it and click once into the space you wish Reply E-mail Automater to deliver your typed response. You can click into your email client, a MS Word document, or where ever else you choose to have REA type your response and Walla you have just saved 5 minutes! REA types your response into your E-mail, Word Doc, Web Form... you name it, if you can type into it so can Reply Emal Automator!


Reply E-mail Automator will only work on Windows 98, 2000, and XP Operating Systems at this time. You must also have some version of Microsoft Word installed on your computer.

You Can't Lose With My 100%, Ironclad, Money-Back Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and delighted with your purchase of Reply E-mail Automator, just contact me anytime within 60 days and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price.

What I'm saying is don't decide now if "Reply E-mail Automator" is right for you. Try it out for three full months - RISK FREE! You have nothing to lose and a lot of time and money to save.

Okay, so what's the cost for this amazing Reply E-mail Automator Software?

It has taken me months and thousands of dollars to create this top notch product. If it cost $200 it would be worth it to get your hands on a tool which will save you hours of your precious time, and reduce the time you spend responding to E-mail and other repetitive tasks by 1700%

Think about this, if you currently have a secretary answering your E-mail for you figure out what you pay this person per hour! Now think of the time you will be able to have them doing other tasks, with the time they used to spend sending E-mail. Now that's Money in your pocket!

You will receive everything you need to save unlimited responses to your repetitive E-mail and any other task you may type over and over again like posting to Message Boards, UseNet Groups, any thing you can imagine, for the rest of your life! Think of all the time you will save with this amazing software, you will never type the same E-mail twice ever again!

The good news is that it is NOT $200, NOT $150, or even $125!

I'm not going to charge anywhere close to that because I want every one who is serious about saving 1700% of the time they spend responding to E-mail and other tedious tasks to be able to afford Reply E-mail Automator! That's why you get the entire package for the low price on this page!

Payment Details
Price Only 47.00   USD

9 6 1 2 3 4 5 8 7



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Do You Know How to Manage Your Sales Funnel

Your business needs to have a sales funnel. Business to consumer sales funnels aren't usually as complex as business to business sales funnels. Service businesses usually require more research in their sales funnels and don't always end in a sales transaction.

What Does a Sales Funnel Look Like?

At the widest point of your funnel, you have your target market. As you go down the tunnel to the narrowest spot, you have your paying customer. Inside that funnel are steps that occur that turn your target market into visitors, into prospects, into shoppers, into buyers, into paying customers.



Do you want to start a business, perhaps at home but you're not sure which one? Take a look at your talents and experiences and desires. Make a list and then visit this website: SMALL BUSINESS PATHS

I am sure you will find something that interests you, and you may even be surprised how easy it could be to get started in your own business.


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Make Money With a Private Label Rights (PLR) E-Book

Private label rights offer you so many opportunities to generate a solid income, and that certainly true with the PLR e-books. It takes time to create an e-book and if you must hire someone to write the book you incur significant cost. When done correctly, you can turn your PLR e-book investment into significant profits for your website. The key is to not be selling the same exact e-book as hundreds of other sites. So what do you do? Glad you asked!

Those marketers that are successful with the PLR e-books purchase products that have a license that allows for the copy to be re-written. Before you part with your money it's important to know what your PLR purchase allows you to do and what it forbids your to do.

The PLR e-book license will outline what you are entitled to do. For example, you may or may not be able to claim authorship or whether or not you own the copyright. Watch out for those sites that boast you'll be able to do anything you want once you purchase the PLR product. This is not true! There are certainly some PLR e-books that offer full rights to the e-book but you can't assume that's the way it is since  just as many times it is not.


How to start your own internet business!  Below is a website that gives you the tools you need to be a success on the internet.  It includes eBooks, Courses, services and other products.  Check this website out.  There is also a free $97.00 course to check out.  Here is the website: 


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